Tormyr Vessalfir Redesign
Tormyr Vessalfir Redesign

Tormyr was born to a noble Varsene house, living comfortably before it’s eventual collapse. Following a devastating Kin-War, the Varsene house was slaughtered and it’s few surviving members were sold into slavery. Thus, Tormyr found himself in the fighting pits from a young age, learning to fight in a vicious and unforgiving environment. After years of fights, Tormyr was finally able to buy his freedom following a major tournament. After gathering enough funds, he voyaged across the Aldaan Sea to Diorda, where his home empire of Varyse had recently begun a long-term invasion.

Looking for purpose, and knowing that he was meant to fight, he joined the Monitors, an elite guard regiment for the Vassal state’s king. Though, as time went on, the once kindly ruler of New Vesym became consumed by a sickness of the mind. He began hearing voices, seeing shadows, and paranoia overtook him. His people began to suffer under his rule, and when a revolt began in the streets, Tormyr decided that this was not a worthy king to die for. He abandoned his post, leaving several of his companions to die before the riot was quelled.

Exiled and alone, he lived as a mercenary for hire for some time before one fateful night, when he came across a stranger from a distant land, who awakened powers in Tormyr that he didn’t know he had. Soon he was swept into a much larger quest than he could have expected, all the while training with his new teacher.

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