Tormyr Vesselfir Concept Art
Tormyr Vesselfir Concept Art

Concept art of one of the viewpoint characters of Diorda, a fantasy project i'm building. The concept sketches are done from the perspective of a character in universe, hence the hand-written note:
-Born to a noble Varseen house 
-I’ve been told he served the prince’s secret police(monitors) for some time before being thrown out for abandoning his post. 
-Worked as a mercenary for some time afterwards in the capitol, before being recruited by the pilgrim. 
-Why hire a mercenary like Tormyr? 
-A known self-serving and at times disloyal soldier. Goes against The Pilgrim’s observed style. 
-They’ve been traveling and fighting together for some time now. What is their goal? 
-Are they recruiting more to their company?

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