Esalir, The Sword of Viralesse
Esalir, The Sword of Viralesse

A description of Esalir, written from the perspective of a scholar who met her in his travels:
“When I first met Esalir, she had just offed two cutthroats who had tried to catch her off guard while she drank. When I asked about them, she quipped that they were far from the most entertaining men she’d ever had. She’s one of the best duelists i’ve seen in combat, fighting as a champion for an eccentric inventor based in Iksal. He often uses her in the arena to test his latest weapons, most recently a remarkably thin blade deemed the “rapier”. I was skeptical of the weapon’s effectiveness until I saw it used in her first duel.
She’s quick with her sword and even quicker with her words. I’ve never seen a more entertaining fighter in the colosseum, and the crowds seem to agree. She has a bright career ahead of her as a duelist, assuming she lasts.”

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